Bullseye Token

The deflationary token that hits the mark.

Who Are We

Bullseye is a deflationary token that Pays 8% in BUSD reflections.

Contract address.  0xc33c703bde31de8c3cd9eb5d9352b566d43cb292

Bullseye is the native token in our eco system. Our goal is to create passive and generational  wealth for each holder.  Not only will you earn the pinnacle of any reflection token BUSD. Being a Bulls Eye holder you will have the first opportunity at our profit sharing NFTs  that will be coming soon. Suppling passive income month after month in any market condition.



Quarter 1:

Launch on PancakeSwap, 

Grow our Twitter, Telegram and Discord groups.

Prepare for the release of our  profit sharing NFT program.

Quarter 2:

Continue growing our community through all of our social accounts.

Major Marketing push preparing for release of our  Profit sharing NFT program.

Release of Bullseye Finance our Profit sharing NFT program. (bullseyefinance.co)

Quarter 3:

To be announced.

Token supply 100,000,000,000


8 % BUSD

8 % BUSD paid to each holder from each and every transaction.


3 % Liquidity (locked)

3 % of each and every transaction will be placed into the liquidity pool to create a stable value.


3 % Marketing

3 % of each transaction will be placed into the marketing pool to create continuous growth of the project.

Buyback & Burn

1 % Buyback & Burn

1 % of each transaction will be used to buyback & burn to continuously decrease the total supply.

How to buy Bullseye Token.


Setup MetaMask or TrustWallet


Download & setup MetaMask or TrustWallet.  After that you will have to add the Binance Smart Chain to your network-list. 


Buy BNB and send to your MetaMask or TrustWallet

Buy BNB on an exchange ( Binance, Kraken, BitMart etc.). Transfer the tokens to your MetaMask or TrustWallet wallet address. 


Log into PancakeSwap and swap BNB to Bullseye.

Log into to PancakeSwap and use this address 


to select Bullseye. Set the slippage tolerance to 15% 

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